"I don’t often write evaluations on companies because quite frankly I haven’t found too many people who do quality work and deserve a recommendation. It was extremely refreshing to find someone who takes pride in their work. I highly recommend PRO Home Inspection & Claims Service, Inc. They are a small business and perhaps that is why they can do superb work.

John & Debbie are a great team. I do not know anyone who is more loving, compassionate, hardworking, honest and full of integrity than these two. They treated me as if I were family. I believe this is how they treat all of their customers. John knows construction and has been a home inspector and claims adjuster for insurance companies for many years.

I am a widow of almost 2 years and have lived in my home for 45 years. I have discovered my home is much too large for me to maintain by myself, so I have been downsizing with the intention of selling it. In speaking with John & Debbie they suggested their Premium Home CheckUp would help me in preparing my home for sale. 

John inspected the electrical; the plumbing; the water heater; the roof; the garage door; exterior walls; fence; and gates; the irrigation system; GFCI outlets; the kitchen, including, the range, microwave, dishwasher, disposal, sink and faucet; the bathrooms, including the sink and faucets, toilets, ventilation, shower, and tub; windows; doors to exterior; HVAC; fireplace; gas lines; interior stairs and railings; smoke detectors; carbon monoxide detectors; and fire extinguishers.

While John was thoroughly inspecting my home, Debbie was taking pictures and video of my contents including what was inside the cabinets. This is an “added service” that can be added to the Premium Home CheckUp. In case there was a disaster, such as a major house fire, the video and photographs would help me in preparing an inventory list for my insurance company.

When John was finished, He sat down with me and explained the report in detail. He pointed out things that needed to be done immediately for my own safety as well as preparing for selling the house, along with things that were optional if I chose to do them.

I received the printed report that included several pages of photographs documenting areas of concern after my inspection. He concluded his report with 8 recommended “action steps”. It is nice to know what things I needed to do to keep myself safe and what things I needed to do before I put my home up for sale. I have already begun working on his recommendations. I am so glad to have this list from which I can work on the items in my own time and not under the pressure of selling my home. I also received a flash drive with all my contents on video and photographs, as well as recommendations for utilizing it.

I whole heartedly recommend PRO Home Inspection & Claims Service, Inc. I can't praise them enough. When they have finished inspecting your home and you have completed the recommendations, you will be able to sleep like a baby knowing you are safe and secure."

- Patricia Ann, Home Owner