The Inspection Report

Report and Walk Through

PRO Home Inspection & Claims Service, Inc. utilizes a computer-generated report that is provided to you at the conclusion of the inspection. No waiting and wondering about the condition of the property. You have the answers you need immediately upon completion of the inspection. At the same time you have an opportunity to take a walk-thru with the inspector wherein he will visually identify many items noted in the report and answer any questions you may have concerning it.

Did You Know ...

...there are over 1,000 components that are evaluated during a typical home inspection?

Our inspections usually require a minimum of 2.5 hours to complete with more time required for older and/or larger homes. We are also able to inspect swimming pools and/or spas and perform mold testing. Each inspection includes the specific areas listed below, as applicable to the individual property.

GROUNDS: Driveway, sidewalks, retaining walls, patio, patio cover, decks, porches, fences and gates.

EXTERIOR: Exterior stairs, exterior walls, trim, chimney, sprinklers, hose faucets, gutters and downspouts.

FOUNDATIONS: Grading, slab on grade,  basement, and basement stairs.

ROOF: Shingle or tile roofs and exposed flashings.

PLUMBING: Main water line, water pressure, water supply lines, waste lines and the water heater.

HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING:  Description & condition of system, venting, combustion air, burners, distribution, controls, air filter, air conditioning compressor and refrigerant lines.

ELECTRICAL: Service, main panel, sub-panel, interior and exterior electrical outlets, GFCI outlets, switches and lighting fixtures.

INTERIOR: Interior and exterior doors, door locks, casings, jambs, windows, interior walls, ceilings, floor coverings, stairs, handrails, smoke detectors, CO detectors, fireplace and attic.

GARAGE: Floor, firewall, ceiling, ventilation, doors, vehicle door(s) automatic opener and electrical such as switches, outlets and lighting fixtures.

KITCHEN: Sink, counter-tops, flooring, disposal, range/cook top, dishwasher and any special features.

BATHROOMS: Toilet, sink(s), ventilation, bathtub and shower.

WALK-THRU: A walk-thru is the Client’s opportunity to “tour” the home with the inspector. During the walk-thru we visually identify many items noted in the report. This is a time for sharing information and answering questions. Everything discussed during a walk-thru is included in the report. If the Client is unable attend the walk-thru, the report will still speak for itself. A PDF of the report along with digital photographs are emailed to the agent and/or the Client the next business day.

Report and Walk Through 2


These additional services, priced individually, may be added to the cost of the whole house inspection should they be applicable to the property you are purchasing.

MOLD TESTING: Homes that have a musty odor or visible mold growth are obvious candidates for mold testing. HVAC units are a silent but common distribution source for airborne spores. Air and/or surface samples are collected as needed and hand-delivered to a lab specializing in environmental concerns. The analysis includes an environmental report identifying the various species of mold, their respective spore counts and which of them may be problematic.

POOLS/SPA: Houses with a pool or spa provide a luxury not found in most homes. We will inspect the equipment to determine whether it is operating properly, as well as search for cracks in the cool deck, plaster and tile. Pools and spas are also checked for proper grounding and GFCI protected outlets.

OLDER HOMES: The charm and grace of a home built in the 1950’s or earlier affords the buyer a unique living experience. Some of these homes have been remodeled with up-to-date fixtures and appliances. However, many of them have not been well maintained and/or the remodeling may have been done by an inexperienced homeowner or handyman. In addition, the preventative maintenance may have been deferred. Such homes require additional time to fully inspect them.