Property Claims Investigations


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These types of investigations are designed to provide insurance companies with the relevant facts and figures needed to ascertain whether a claim is covered and if so, the reasonable cost of repairs.

We deploy the full extent of our construction knowledge to (1) ascertain the cause of damage, as well as the time frame during which it occurred, (2) document the damage with photographs, (3) provide a detailed diagram of the involved area(s) of the home and (4) prepare an Xactimate estimate packaged in (5) a captioned, narrative report. The content of the report enables insurance carriers to confidently conclude the claim, whether via a payment reflecting a figure that is accurate in terms of scope and reasonable in terms of cost or a disclaimer of coverage. 

Did You Know ....

...there are specific limits on the theft of cash, jewelry and other designated items of personal property in a homeowner’s policy?

Property Claims Investigations