PRO Home CheckUp

PRO Home CheckUp

Looking for water leaks
Small plumbing leak saturated a cabinet and generated mold growth on sheetrock.
Vent cap is detached from water heater, health and safety hazard.
Opening in stucco diverts rainwater into home.
Missing roof shingles make the home vulnerable to rain intrusion
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For most people their home is their greatest financial investment and a place where many lasting memories are made. It should be a safe and secure haven to be enjoyed for a lifetime without having to worry about the unexpected. Unfortunately, our homes age, along with us, but are often neglected. We seem to make time for an annual physical check-up with our doctor and taking our cars in for their preventative maintenance but such pro-active care and attention for our homes is often overlooked. And even if it was on your mind the average homeowner does not have the skill, knowledge or equipment to conduct a systematic inspection of their own home. Sure, you could contact a roofer, an HVAC contractor and a specialist for every mechanical system in your home but that would be very costly!

What is the solution? A PRO Home CheckUp! It is an affordable, comprehensive inspection of your home intended to provide you with peace of mind and alert you to any hidden, lurking concerns. These, if addressed sooner rather than later, could save you thousands of dollars in repairs and help guard your family against serious injury.

We are the only company to our knowledge that has distilled 40 years of homeowner’s claims expertise and 20 years of real estate home inspection experience into a unified inspection format that benefits you. And since we are not seeking to sell you a new roof, a new HVAC system, new windows or anything else your home may or may not need, you can be assured we have only your best interests at heart .

We also offer a menu of Additional Services that will help to protect you and your family and preserve your prized possessions.

Is your home a candidate for a PRO Home CheckUp? 
The following quiz will answer that question!

10 Reasons to Consider a PRO Home CheckUp

  • My home is more than 25 years old.
  • It would be financially difficult to absorb an insurance deductible if I had a claim.
  • I or a family member has a medical condition that could be aggravated by mold.
  • I’m not sure when my smoke detectors were last replaced.
  • I don’t know if I have GFCI protection on my electrical outlets and if they are working.
  • I’m uncertain whether the bedroom windows and exterior doors will provide for an easy exit in the event of an emergency and whether the size of the openings meet the minimum industry standards.
  • I am not sure if I have CO detectors or where to place them.
  • It has been more than ten years since my entire home was professionally inspected.
  • I’m thinking I may sell my home in the near future.
  • I live in an area prone to windstorms.
  • My home has experienced costly damage in the past that may have been preventable.

If you answered “Yes” to one or more of the above questions,
You are a candidate for a PRO Home CheckUp!

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