E&O Investigations for Home Inspections


E&O Investigations for Hone Inspections

These types of investigations are designed to determine and document whether a home inspector overlooked serious conditions that were present during a home inspection and to ascertain whether the inspector could or should have addressed it in the report. The information is intended to assist the client and/or their attorney in bringing an E&O claim to its proper conclusion at the earliest possible date.

This service integrates experience from more than 4,000 home inspections since 2000 and 16,000 claims investigations since 1980. While most home inspectors and claims adjusters are very knowledgeable in their respective industries, our extensive experience in both arenas places us squarely at the intersection of the two disciplines. The investigation can be tailored to meet specific needs, ranging from a comprehensive inspection that includes (1) obtaining statements from the involved parties, (2) inspecting and photographing the subject area(s) of the home, (3) reviewing the home inspection report, (4) applying the Standards of Practice and (5) providing a narrative analysis of the merits of the claim. We can also assist in calculating the reasonable cost of repairs, or simply conduct a desk review of the presently available documentation.