Construction Defect Investigations


Construction defect investigations are designed to determine and document the specific cause(s) of damage to a structure and to identify the responsible person (individual or company) or failed component (manufacturer). The information enhances the client’s ability to seek damages from a responsible third party.

Did You Know ...

...your HVAC system will work more efficiently if you do not close the doors into individual rooms?

...replacing dirty HVAC filters can greatly improve the efficiency of the system?

Out of Tolerance Height Differences Between Steps
Missing Bolt
Exposed Stucco Lathe
Improper/Exposed Electrical Wiring
Handrail Not Installed
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This service simultaneously capitalizes on our home inspecting and claims adjusting disciplines. Knowing how a home is constructed is only half the battle.  An in-depth understanding of how the various systems operate in conjunction with each other and drawing upon past investigative experience enables us to pinpoint the cause of the failure. Destructive testing is sometimes warranted. A narrative report details the step-by-step process by which the cause of the failure was determined. Photographs document the sequence of the investigation.